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do not read

2009-02-09 16:08:46 by pivotmasterDX101

im just so bored doing stuff that i decided to upload a pic (note that name is from my dq account)

do not read


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2009-02-09 16:20:12

I read it anyway.


2009-04-18 19:53:43

soooo are you the pivotmasterdx from youtube? hmmmmm well in that pic the hand is on the wrong side of the gun, lawlz

pivotmasterDX101 responds:

wrong and yes 1st of all im not pivotmasterdx i hate this name i wish i could change it but i do sometimes watch your videos but i havnt subbed to any of you such as magnificentess hopdiddy jeffy2dimwit you delta pivot u know the rest but i still don't know why you havn't imrpoved on pivot and yur still begginers